Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment

You’ve just left home for the first time and moved into your college dorm to begin your life as a Freshman. Starting this new life can be both exciting and stressful for students in their first year on campus. Just when you begin to learn how to juggle classes, books, tests, and finding time in…

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Things to Do with Your Roommates This Fall

It is finally ~fall~ and what better time to do all the wonderful, fall themed activities than with fun roommates that you just moved in with! Around the Newark area there are a ton of relatively low-cost activities to check out this time of year. The first one that comes to mind is pumpkin picking…

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Open House Season is Upon Us! 😍🏡

Every September the streets of Newark, DE are buzzing with thousands of college kids plunging into the next chapter in their lives. The beginning of a new school year is packed with the excitement of learning, freedom, new places, and new friends. Newark is an area full of great restaurants and a flourishing local nightlife,…

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Getting Ready For the Big Move

So you signed your first lease to an apartment! Or maybe you have lived in apartments before, but you are moving to a new place. What better way to know you will have a smooth transition than to know you are fully prepared and ready to take on any challenge that comes with living on…

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