Hello Tenants!

Hello Tenants,

We here at Tsionas Management would like to welcome you all back from your summer break! We hope that your move in process went smoothly and that you will enjoy living with us this year. Now that most of our tenants have moved in, we will begin contacting our current renters regarding lease renewals. September is a busy time of year for students of the University of Delaware to begin looking for housing for the following year. For us to provide accurate information to both current and potential renters, we will be contacting our current tenants via mail regarding your interest in renewing your lease for another year. If you renew your lease, you will be given priority over the future tenants whether you choose to keep your current apartment or rent a new unit at a different location. If you decide not to renew your lease, then we hope that you would recommend our company to any friends looking for an apartment for the following year. The Lease Renewal Notice Form will be distributed starting in September to all our current tenants so please keep your eye out for the form! If you and your roommates have chosen to renew prior to receiving this form, please contact our office at 302-369-8895.

Maintenance Requests:

                For all our tenants, we want you to be rest assured that your safety and comfort is our top priority. If you ever need something in your unit addressed, such as a lightbulb to be replaced or an appliance to be checked, a maintenance order can be placed at any time! There are a few ways to place a maintenance order and update our staff regarding your concern. The most convenient option is by going to our website: and clicking on the “maintenance request” button located in the top bar and another button which is right in the middle of your page. From there, tenants will be directed to another page where they can easily fill out the information necessary and describe the issue to be addressed and submitted to us. Another convenient way of notifying our staff is by calling our main office and speaking to one of our representatives during our office hours which are Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. Any one of our front office staff will be able to put in a maintenance order for you. We encourage our tenants to please call us with their questions and concerns, so that we can make their time living at Tsoinas as seamless as possible. As an additional perk for our renters, if there is an emergency after our normal operating hours, we offer an emergency maintenance line.

Again, we want to wish all our tenants a happy and safe school year and we thank you for choosing to stay at Tsionas Management.